Never Been To Me

This painting was made as part of a show titled ‘Mad in Karachi’ curated by Munawar Syed

The work is fashioned around a barcode, and touches upon consumerism and materialism versus self exploration and inner peace.

Titled ‘Never Been To Me’ The work is based on an old song with the same title and also inspired by couplets by the famous Sufi poet Bulleh Shah:

“Bhaj bhaj warna e mandir maseeti

Mun apnay wich waryaee na”


He runs to temples and mosques to find himself

But never looks into his own heart.


“Bulleh Shah Asmaani Pharnae

Ghar baithay nu pharyaee nai”


Bulleh Shah, he reaches for things in the heavens

But never reaches for the things at home.